Knifemaking Tuesdays Week 41 – More blades, sanding, ceramic detent

wey guys! This week we’re working hard at getting the second batch of blades done. I start off the vid machining the bevels of a batch of blades on the Tormach. Then at 3:07 Erik puts on the GoPro chest mount and starts shortening a bunch of pivot pins on our lathe, it’s a CNC lathe but he’s using it manually by manipulating the keyboard. By 4:36 we’re back on the mill machining more blades, this time pre-reaming the pivot holes using 0.181″ pre-ream endmills from, they’re awesome! Then we use a carbide reamer to open them up to 0.1875. GoPro mounted on the spindle head makes awesome shots, but the low light ruins them, sorry!

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