Monthly Archives: December 2016

Custom engraving on a DLC coated knife handle

A customer pre-ordered one of our new Rask knives and requested that his initials be engraved onto the handle somewhere, so using Fusion 360 and my Mori Seiki Duravertical I was happy to do it for him.

Back it the shop after 2 weeks of vacation

July 08, 2016 – Grimsmo Grind 029. After spending two wonderful weeks on vacation with my family, I’m finally back in the shop now with a pleasant pile of work to get done. Can’t wait!

Amazing CNC machine showroom private tour at Elliott Matsuura

This place is a candy store of awesome CNC equipment! Some of the best machine tools in the world, Matsuura, Nakamura Tome, and many others. I’ve been here many times before for their annual Open House when the floors are packed with people, but it’s really fun to be pretty much the only guy there and be able to look at everything. Hope you guys enjoy it! I sure did.

Mori Seiki CNC, Fusion 360 CAM, Grimsmo Rask blades

July 29, 2016 – Grimsmo Grind 034.
Breaking from my recent streak of self improvement videos, here’s a good old down and dirty technical video for all you CNC nerds out there like myself! I had a lot of fun making this one, even if I complain about how long it takes (1-2hrs extra for filming, 1hr41m for editing, yes I timed it). I show a few tips and tricks with using Autodesk’s Fusion 360, some DLC coated parts, how I transfer gcode wirelessly to my DMG Mori CNC mill, and work on the Mori a lot showing some of the menus, the ways the control works, and how to probe tools using the Renishaw toolsetter. Then we machine a Rask blade which is made from RWL34 stainless steel, one of the highest grades of powdered steel on the market. Using Lake Shore Carbide endmills we zip through that steel like butter. The gopro camera had a fun time getting soaked with coolant while filming inside the enclosure, while my Samsung S7 did all the other filming. All in all, a really fun video to film and edit.

CNC machining Timascus knife handles

Saturday August 06, 2016 – Grimsmo Grind 035.
Timascus is basically forge welded titanium, just like Damascus is for steel. It is an incredibly beautiful material, although it has it’s tricks to machine it. In this video I go over a few of they key points to keep in mind while CNC machining Timascus.

Getting a product to be the best version of itself

August 15, 2016 – Grimsmo Grind 036.
I continually strive to be the best version of myself, the best John Grimsmo, and we also strive to make our products the best versions of themselves. Not the best in the world, not to make everybody happy, but the best at specifically what we set out to do.