Monthly Archives: March 2014

Here is an awesome new product I just bought for my shop-vac, a Dust Deputy, this thing separates all the dust and chunks from the air and keeps the shopvac filter nice and clean! It works fantastically well and seems to even make the shop vac suck harder. Our shop vac filter used to clog easily and reduce performance, this helps to keep a steady suction rate. It also allows us to sort and organize the stuff we’re sucking up, so we have one bucket for titanium, one for steel, one for aluminum, one for carbon fiber (more…)

After owning my Tormach PCNC1100 milling machine for over a year and a half, the coolant drain screen was starting to wear out and needed a replacement. I was able to find a suitable upgrade from Mcmaster and this video shows what it is and how I installed it. The new one works great!

Thanks to some great comments from previous videos I was finally able to make a good set of wood inlays! The stabilized redwood burl that I was using was so brittle due to the burl, that they would crack and break very very easily, so machining them and removing them from the fixture was a real pain. Others suggested that heating up the fixture will melt the glue bond and let them come off, and it worked! Then I gave them a quick sand with 800 grit, glued them into the knife, then oiled them with mineral (more…)