Monthly Archives: October 2013

The new grinder is finally FINISHED! I first designed it a year ago, then slowly started collecting components and machining small parts, then this last week I started on a Knifemaking Tuesday and ended on Monday, working for an entire week to finish it up. Boy was it worth the effort! I can’t believe we waited so long to get or make one, it will make our lives so much easier and save us a good amount of time.

Knifemaker Jake Hoback gave me a piece of S90V because he likes using it so much, and I finally got around to machining a Norseman blade from it. It’s TOUGH STUFF! Tore up endmills way faster than normal, it was interesting. Not something I want to be machining often, but fun to do from time to time.

This week I finally get to make the last few components needed to finish my grinder! Lots of machining aluminum, how to deburr edges using a scraper, and how to tap a threaded hole using a cordless drill! The grinder is coming together nicely, even though it’s taken almost an entire year and way too many hours!

Recycling is cool! I like to collect all of my machined metal chips and keep them separated, then take them to the local metal recycling plant and get some money back for them. However, none of my local places take titanium, so for now it just piles up in buckets.

This Tuesday I attended the Canadian Manufacturing Technology Show. What better way to spend a Knifemaking Tuesday than getting to see the biggest and best equipment out there! Had a blast, talked to so many great companies and learned a lot of cool new tricks to use in my own business. I recommend shows like these to anyone who is interested in machining or manufacturing.