Monthly Archives: July 2013

We recently passed 1,000,000 views on our videos! WOOOOOOOOO! For this week’s video Erik and John simply walk you around the shop and banter back and forth about shop stuff. We describe some of the current and new projects we’re working on, as well as going over some of our tools and new found space in the shop.

Erik’s just working on his wicked awesome Volvo 242 turbo, putting some new brakes on so we can get it back on the road after sitting for 3 years. The pins that hold the brake pads in were super rusted and annoying to work with, so we replaced them with titanium!

Jrik and I have made a custom one-off Norseman that we are auctioning right here on youtube! As a thank you to all of our subscribers we wanted to give everyone an equal chance of bidding on this rare beauty.