Monthly Archives: May 2013

Come visit me at the worlds biggest knife show! Blade Show 2013 is being held in Atlanta, Georgia as always. If you’ve never felt one of my Norseman knives now is your chance, I’ll have over 20 knives available for sale at table 17D. See you there!

This week Erik and I sit down and show off all the hard work we’ve been doing for the past few months. The knives are finally coming together and they look incredible! From this batch of 65 we have 22 that are completely done and ready to ship, with the rest not too far behind. We take a close look at each knife and show the colors and details that make them so special. We have attained a high level of precision over the entire batch, and it really shows when you get them all finished (more…)

1or this webisode we are etching 3 damascus knife blades and 4 clips. These are made from Swedish Damasteel, a very high quality steel that I really enjoy working with. The video shows the process we used to mask off the important areas, what acids we used, and how we did it. We started out using Ferric Chloride, but for this steel I didn’t like it at all. We’ve used Muriatic Acid in the past with great results, but we settled on using Sulfuric Acid, aka battery acid.

In this video I share how I make the titanium threaded spacers that I use to make my pocket knives. Normally a part like this would be made on a CNC lathe, but I don’t have a good one so I tackled the job on my Tormach PCNC 1100 milling machine. The parts are tiny, so this was a very tricky job, but the results were worth it! Each one is exactly the same width, which is very important for my knives. Plus, I just love machining titanium.

Te’re finally getting to the point in this batch of Norseman knives where we’re able to start assembling knives and getting them set up properly. Still a lot of little things left on the to-do list, but it’s getting smaller every day. In this video I was able to put together a really cool blue stonewashed knife and play with it for a while, I love it! Everything is finally coming together so nicely.