Monthly Archives: April 2013

Whe third run of Norseman knives is almost finished! In this video we do a lot of finishing work to the blades, handles and clips. I made a bunch of special clamps to hold down my blades while machining them. I also showed off one of my special lefty Norseman knives, turned out great!

Eor week 61 we’re focusing on machining the top side of all of our Norseman handles on the Tormach PCNC. We’ve got a few sweet patterns and designs to make and showcase in this video. I also go over the use and longevity of several endmills from, really impressed with these. I look at them real close with a loupe and a usb microscope, pretty neat.

T0 weeks, WOW! This week I finish up machining the backside of all my handles and finish all the pocket clips. My Norseman knives are coming together nicely. The whole project has dragged on a lot longer than I wanted it to, but the parts are turning out so nice that it’s been worth the wait.

Ehis week we worked on our new titanium Norseman handles. Since doing the last batch of knives, I’ve made quite a few subtle but effective changes to the design and to the way they are machined. For the first few batches of knives I was getting all the handles waterjet cut, which is a common and very good way to turn a huge sheet of metal into usable parts. But now that I have the Mitee Bite VacMagic vacuum table I am able to suck down a whole sheet and machine 9 pairs of handles and a (more…)