Monthly Archives: January 2013

whis week Erik and I started prototyping a new lock stabilizer device for our Norseman knives, this is a variant of the Rick Hinderer LBS. It’s the same basic concept except machined from one solid piece of titanium instead of using a disc and a screw. We’re attempting to make a round part (ideal for lathe) on my Tormach milling machine. This allows us to use a scrap piece of titanium sheet metal clamped to our Mitee Bite vacuum fixture.

This week we’re making our Tor fixed blade knives! It’s been fun to utilize our new ATC for the mill as well as the VM300 vacuum fixturing pallet. Making these blades has had a few challenges, which I’ve shown in the video, mostly due to vibration and chatter when facing them.

This week we got to unbox a ton of new tools for the shop, handy that it falls right around Christmas! We finally bought a Tormach Automatic Tool Changer, fog buster, superfly flycutter, more toolholders, a large Evenheat heat treating oven, many parts from USAKnifeMaker for making our new grinder, tons of new titanium, some Timascus from Alpha Knife Supply, and lots more!