Monthly Archives: December 2012

werry Christmas! This week for KMT I got a bunch of new toys for the shop, including a new Sony video camera, an LED video light, and a wicked awesome VM300 vacuum pallet system from Mitee Bite to use on my Tormach CNC milling machine. Throughout the video I explain how the vacuum system works, how I will be using it, and then I make several parts with it. First up is a small aluminum fixture, then I interpolate some holes into G10 and threadmill them using a 4-40 thread-mill from After that I flip (more…)

how 50 weeks already! Time flies. This week I’m pretty sick with the flu so I wasn’t in the shop much to film a “cool” video, so I decided to give you guys an idea what sort of upcoming projects we have going on. First up I’m finishing our Tor knives, the 8″ fixed blade that we’re making. The handles are done and I’m making the blades soon. Then later in December we’re going to be working on a batch of 50 Norseman knives! Very excited for that.